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The Queen of Easter Egg Hunts

As we’ve been away in Dubai for the last two Easters we thought we should do something a bit more special and fun this year. And for us there was only one event for it…. Easter Sunday at Musselburgh Racecourse. It’ll be the first time I’ve been to the races and I am beyond excited to go! Who knows maybe this will be the start of a new Easter weekend tradition.

The dilemma. 

The funny thing about blogging is that it’s often a tug of war between being too honest and not being honest enough. The initial 2 months that I knew I was pregnant, but obviously couldn’t announce, were difficult as all I wanted to talk about was babies and my pregnancy – it was literally all I had in my head. But, when the the moment came and we had reached the glorious 12 week mark and I could yell it from the rooftops….Blank. My brain went blank.  I didn’t and still don’t really know how to blog and be pregnant. Do I talk about pregnancy or do I keep it private? This is my first so I know nothing of pregnancy so why should I act as though I can give others advice on what to feel or how to behave. I’m still figuring these things out for myself each and every day. Pregnancy and motherhood is a wonderful, beautiful membership that I feel incredibly blessed to have invited to. But, it also an utterly …

The Terence Effect

Terence started his life on my wrist in the shape of a delightful skull and cross bone tattoo. I was 19. I was silly. I was dating a heavy metal fan. I thought I was cool. Flash forward a bad breakup and a rather glorious reality check I decided to transform my goth ink into Terence. I sat with my tattoo artist for roughly two hours trying to come up with something that wasn’t just a great big ugly black circle. As we (well he) worked through sketches it became clear that a beautiful south sea turtle was the perfect cover up! Forty five minutes later Terence was born. Now, did I fall out of love with the previous tattoo? Yes! Do I regret it? No! If I hadn’t been a stupid teenager in love I’d never have ended up with my sweet little Terence. Follow my blog with Bloglovin