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The Queen of Easter Egg Hunts

As we’ve been away in Dubai for the last two Easters we thought we should do something a bit more special and fun this year. And for us there was only one event for it…. Easter Sunday at Musselburgh Racecourse. It’ll be the first time I’ve been to the races and I am beyond excited to go! Who knows maybe this will be the start of a new Easter weekend tradition.

Monkeys like nuts

The last two weeks have been rather exciting! The boy treated us to a week away in stunning Marrakech for my birthday. Wow, just wow! This place is absolutely stunning! The sights and smells and people and food are just out of this world. It was like no place I have ever experienced before and I loved every minute of it. Cooking classes, mountain trekking, sailing under waterfalls, a monkey sitting on my head eating nuts, being utterly lost in the maze of little streets, henna tattoos and MINT TEA! Sorry for the blurry iPhone photos. This man loves a list nearly as much as I do.     Cant really beat this for your breakfast view.          Red Hills of Morocco       Honestly the best orange juice I have tasted!                 And yes!!!! This happened! Two days before my birthday on the roof terrace of our stunning riad, sipping on wine and looking at the stars he got down on one knee …

The big move!

So it’s actually happening…..we’re moving to Dubai in January!✈️I think, to be honest, I am equal measures excited and terrified. New city, new continent, new home, new job, new culture…the list goes on.I’ve lived in Edinburgh my entire life except from a little blip in London so this is scary exciting and I’m so thrilled that I have my partner in crime moving with me. Will be sad to leave our friends, family and little flat, but looking forward to 365 sunshine! Wooop! This is my gorgeous walk home that we’ll be saying good bye to.