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Pretty Things – Golden Citrine

As a working-jeweller, I have wonderful opportunities to get my hands on some amazing pieces, but I love nothing more than designing on own jewellery. I think it’s the awkward teen in me still trying to claim her own identity away from her two older sisters.  I love coloured stones, but I wanted an everyday ring that wouldn’t clash or be too flashy. When I came across this gorgeous Emerald-cut Citrine I was beyond excited; it was perfection. I kept the band very delicate with only a few small diamonds on the shoulders. I love it and haven’t taken it off since I got it back from our workshop!  

Tick Tock, How Times Passes

…it’s almost been a year since my last post and I just don’t know where the time has ran off to.Pretty strange to look back and realise that in less than 12 months life has changed so much. Hair is longer, blonder and straighter,  new flat, worked my way through a few amazing box sets, few lbs heavier, trips abroad to see family and attend beautiful weddings, oh…and yeah…met the most amazing man! All wonderful additions, but I might be preparing for something even bigger and even more thrilling! Its all very hush right right now, but I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Diamond in the Rough

Take a peak at the items I am lusting after this month. 1. Karen Millen…. need I saw more? Divine.  2. Zara blows me away season after season with the knockout shoes they add to their collection. 3. Again, Zara. Most days I have a little giggle to my self after I get dressed…I look down and I notice every item of clothing I am wear is from there. These faux leather trousers are divine and very flattering. 4. Michael Kors, Skylar…. I am not usually one for bling on watches but the baguette crystal detail is very classy. 5. I have a love of rough cut stones at the moment. As a jeweller I work with highly polished, facetted stones everyday so i find rough stones so interesting. I think they are even more beautiful in their natural forms and shapes. 

For the love of Istanbul!

A few photos from my recent holiday in Istanbul! Truly one of the most magical places I have ever visited! It is a haven for all things quirky and antique. I had the best time going off on my own exploring the quiet, broken pavement streets and finding such magic. The jewellery, the fabrics, the people, the food, the smell of turkish coffee, the graffiti….. I totally and utterly fell in love.