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Finding my Zen

Last Wednesday I spent the most brilliant 90 minutes at Zen Lifestyle on Hanover street. With 18 years of business under it’s belt, this Edinburgh based company one of the most highly regarded beauty salons in Scotland.

When the invite to experience a Omnilux LED facial dropped into my inbox I was absolutely thrilled; being a new mum is tough on the beauty routine so my skin has definitely changed.

There is no messing about at Zen, when you enter your treatment room they give you two A4 sheets filled with tick or cross boxes to fill out. They want to know exactly what your skin is like and what kind of treatments you’ve experienced before. Now you may find this is excessive, but it’s really not. I found the more details I gave before she started the less questions there were to interrupt your incredibly relaxing treatment.

Melissa, a.k.a ‘skin angel’ , started off my treatment with a Diamondtome dermabrasion to get deep, deep down into my enlarged pores as they were looking quite congested. A healing mask suited to my skin type was then applied before going under the Omnilux LED lamp.

The Omnilux is like no other treatment I’ve ever experienced before. The lights are incredibly bright, but after a couple of minutes my eyes became accustomed and I started to fully relax to take in the feeling of bliss. The Omnilux treatment lasts 20 minutes and was so relaxing that I’m sure I must have nodded off. The Omnilux promotes a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, reducing fine lines and gives you an overall more youthful appearance.

I suffered badly with acne as a teenager and it only fully cleared up in my mid 20s. Of course, one treatment can’t erase over a decade of acne scarring, but my goodness….I don’t actually remember a time when my skin felt or looked this clear and fresh. Trying to keep my hands away from stroking my face is a struggle!

Here’s a selection of the luxurious Murad skincare products I took home to prolong my newly improved skin. Murad are cosmeceuticals which means they are medical grade skin care, so they are ridiculously high quality and really deliver on their promise to get your skin working as nature intended.

I cannot wait to make my next appointment to continue and prolong this fresh skin feeling!

Joy xxx

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