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What does every stylish bathroom have in common…?

As part of our house project we are plumbing in another toilet downstairs. Pete and I had the luxury of having a full bathroom ensuite plus a separate toilet when we were living in Dubai and it’s a luxury we’d really like to hold on to. It just makes life so much simpler when you have a baby/child/children. I remember growing up always having to announce to anyone who was home that you were gonna have a bath just in case they needed to use the toilet. Im one of four children so you can imagine the process.

One of the really fun parts of redecorating is the planning process (namely the many hours spent on Pinterest).

…..Statement Tiles

Statement bathroom tiles, whether adorning an entire wall, floor or splash back, are the ultimate bathroom addition. Let your imagination run wild and remember to always style with copper/brass fittings for the ultimate dream.


Be bold.

white subway tile bathroomgreen bathroom tilegrey mother of pearl tilegreen tile copper fittingshexagon dark tilepink square tileblue and white tile showerblue and white tile brass tapsultimate bathroom tilesgreen subway tile bathroom




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