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The House Project.

As many of you will know we moved into our new house in Gullane just a few days before Poppy was born. Well, when I say new house, its only really new to me. The house we are living in is actually my husband’s family ‘holiday home’ which hasn’t been lived in for years, and when it was it was only for Christmas’ and the odd summer. Because of this, the house decor is rather dated and the facilities a bit out of shape. We’re talking no heating, avocado bathroom suites, mustard brown carpets and ivy growing in threw the window fixtures.


The actual bricks of the house are amazing so im thrilled to see how its going to look once we’ve finished.


The first step in the the renovations is completely sorting through all the generations of furniture, toys, boardgames, glassware, broken scooters etc. living (being stored) in the house/garage/attic.


I dont have the heart to show you the house as it is now as i’ll probably give you all panic attacks at the amount of work needing completed while have a tiny baby still getting used to the world. But hey, at least she’s not at the stage when she’s crawling and putting everything in her mouth! Now that would be a panic.


Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with ivy. Ivy covered houses and walls are, in my opinion, just heavenly so when we arrived at the house and saw it had climbing ivy all up the front I was utterly thrilled. Sadly as the window fixtures have been infiltrated by said ivy it all has to be taken down so we can do repairs. I’m hoping to grow more ivy in the future, but i’ll have to keep a much closer eye on it.


Stick with me and I’ll show you how the house shapes up over the next 6 months+ 🙂



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