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13/07/17 The day my life developed colour

This isn’t going to be an incredibly long post, but I felt the need to check in with my readers with this most glorious update.
It’s been 4 days since my little girl was born and I already can’t imagine life without her. 

Poppy Cathrine Elizabeth Allison came into our lives at 4:04am on Thursday morning, just 5 days after her expected due date. 

In the early afternoon I had a midwife appointment with the midwife who gave me a membrane sweep….she must have had the magic  touch as 3 hrs later my contractions started. I won’t go into too many details at this stage, but it was the most intense night of our lives and I just don’t know how I would have been able to manage it without the most amazing birth partners. Anna my midwife was a blue haired angel and my husband was just out of this world. 

My husband took this photo of Poppy and I the very second we met and it’s such a glorious moment that I’m thankful he captured it. 




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