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The Allisons are heading home

So that’s it. We’re off. Me, Pete, Andy and ‘she who is yet to be named’. After 15 months of desert-life we are moving back to the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.

The main reason for the move is so we can have our baby girl back in Scotland surrounded by both our families and friends. The idea of my parents or Pete’s parents not being there in the hours/days/weeks after the birth of our first child is so alien so we needed to go. Also, Pete’s job means he often travels for weeks at a time so I want my family and friends as close to us as possible.

But, for me, it’s been more than that. I’ve wanted to head home for a while.

Dubai is such a playground with so many cool opportunities, but I found it overwhelming and so isolating at times. When we got back from Edinburgh after our wedding last summer I didn’t know when I’d next be home and I found that such a struggle. I’m the kind of person who needs to have at least a vague idea of what is coming next. That might sound boring or controlling, but it’s what keeps me calm. I don’t need or want to control a situation, but I do need to be in control of myself. I suffer from anxiety so there are certain things I need to maintain my emotional balance. After two disagreeable jobs I found my confidence had been knocked pretty low, especially in a place like Dubai where social status is ranked so highly. Being pregnant (and having a few horrible health/baby scares along the way) has definitely amplified my desire to be back in Edinburgh with everyone I know and love, and those who love and understand me.

Motherhood is going to be a rollercoaster and I want to be surrounded by the most awesome support system possible. 😍

We aren’t sure what the future holds (does anyone?), but what we are sure of is that Edinburgh is the best choice for us.

I will definitely miss Dubai. I’ll miss the wonderful friends we have met since being here and the winter months when it’s not blistering hot. I’ll miss knowing that I can wear my lovely suede heels without risking them being ruined in the rain. I’ll miss around the clock Burger King and MacDonalds home delivery. I’ll miss knowing that within an hours drive we can be amongst the most majestic sand dunes.

What I won’t miss is not being able to let Andy off the leash when we go for walks; Dubai is not exactly dog friendly. The lack of a decent postal system, cars honking the split second the light turns from red to green, the utter lack of a queuing system, clothes and beauty products being double the price, the very long and very hot 6-month summer when you can feel your skin sizzle and your makeup melt the minute you step outside. What I won’t miss is worrying about how much a hospital appointment is going to cost me when I’m in desperate pain or need assurance that baby is developing properly. I certainly will not miss the beef bacon…vile imposter.

I’m thrilled we gave Dubai a go; I’m proud of us.  I’m sure if we hadn’t fallen pregnant so soon our story would be different, but we’re heading home with a trunkful of memories, a solid marriage, a super awesome dog and a bubba on the way. I believe everyone should live somewhere completely different for at least a year to push themselves, sadly for me I just couldn’t get into the swing of Dubai. Who knows maybe in a few years once we’ve regained our bearings we’ll be ready to try somewhere new. For now, I am beyond excited to get home and really get ready for our baby girl arriving. I found out recently that two of my closest friends are pregnant so I can’t wait to celebrate with them. Having our first babies together is going to be a wonderful, beautiful thing.

This time next week I will once more become an Edinburgh resident. 🙂



  1. Life is full of choices and as long as you are happy with yours it should all turn into good things only! 😊 btw I love how u style your hairdo with messy waves. Looks really awesome!

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  2. Ruth Holloway says

    Yes, I completely understand too, and we are all looking forward to seeing you.
    Love, Ruth

    I’ve heard about a possible flat in Comely Bank. Will let you know. Xxx

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  3. Alexandra says

    Joy, I completely understand your move gone. We also decided to return to Scotland to be closer to family and good friends. It’s where we grew up and where there are amazing support newt works for new mamas! So looking forward to having you home! Xxx

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