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Due to the impending trip back to Edinburgh to have our little bambino I’ve listed a whole bunch of clothes and shoes on Shedd! I’m leaving at the end of the month so there is limited time to buy….😜

Shedd is a really cool mobile app here in Dubai (They have it is Aus too) which lets you buy and sell preloved fashion. So for those like me who have dresses and shoes that have only had one out in the world Shedd a great way to clear some space and make some cash at the same time. As Tegan Jones put it “Shedd is a fashion lover’s answer to Ebay” See her review of Shedd here!

I’ve never used the app before last so I’m really forward to finding out how successful my items are!  See below for a sneak peak of some of the items listed.

Check out what I’m selling on Shedd!

These gorgeous velvet Slip on that I posted about last year haven’t even been out of the box as they are the wrong size. My amazing sister in law saw the post and then bought me them for Christmas! I’m so gutted that my pregnant feet won’t fit them 😦

🐪 !!!Dubai readers!!! 🐪

Take a peek through my store and get in touch if you’d like to purchase my things! They are all in excellent quality! (My shoes are a mix of 37/38size …..I have one foot that is a 37.5 and the other is 38 so its always a bit of a gamble )

Check out what I’m selling on Shedd!

As always, thanks for reading!

Joy 💋💋

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