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The Cutest Crochet Booties

While I was at home in Edinburgh last month I helped my mother in law clear out her attic.  Maybe ‘helped’ is too much of a stretch…I stumbled upon some of the cutest baby clothes and was instantly distracted. Sadly a lot has been badly moth-eaten, but luckily I now have a little box of the cutest 70s and 80s baby clothes that I can’t wait to dress our little girl in. Pete and I are both the youngest of 4 children so have no issue in hand me downs. I think it’ll be super cute to see our little one in the tiny little terry toweling babygrows Pete used to wear.

One of my favourite, but saddest finds was the pram blanket that was crocheted by Pete’s grandmother. This blanket was used by all the kids, but has been so badly eaten that even with the most love and car it just wouldn’t survive another baby.

Sadly my crochet skills are slightly lacking, but when I came across Albetta on Not on The High Street I am now willing to give it another go.

Take a look at these beautiful baby booties and try not to fall in love.








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