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20 Weeks – Half Way There


Saturday marked our official 20 week mark. I’m so excited to be at the half way mark, and even more so as we found out that we are having a… little girl!!

Knowing that our baby is a ‘she’ and no longer an ‘it’ is a wonderful feeling; I find myself talking to her before going to bed and when she’s feeling particularly active. I find myself watching my classic kids movies and wondering if she’ll be like some of my favourite characters. I am going to have so much fun when she’s older sharing my most loved books and movies with her!

Matilda, Sweet Valley, Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew Mysteries, Summer Dreams and Winter Love, The Famous Five…..

I know it sounds a little cheesy, but when we found out that we were having a girl I rushed to my favourite salon and asked for a super girly shellac manicure! I’m not a fan of the classic french manicure as it feels a bit dated and clique, but I love an alternative French and this time I went for a pastel pink/lilac.

This gorgeous CND shade is called Cake Pop.


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