Baby, The Terence Effect
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The dilemma. 


The funny thing about blogging is that it’s often a tug of war between being too honest and not being honest enough.

The initial 2 months that I knew I was pregnant, but obviously couldn’t announce, were difficult as all I wanted to talk about was babies and my pregnancy – it was literally all I had in my head. But, when the the moment came and we had reached the glorious 12 week mark and I could yell it from the rooftops….Blank. My brain went blank.  I didn’t and still don’t really know how to blog and be pregnant. Do I talk about pregnancy or do I keep it private? This is my first so I know nothing of pregnancy so why should I act as though I can give others advice on what to feel or how to behave. I’m still figuring these things out for myself each and every day. Pregnancy and motherhood is a wonderful, beautiful membership that I feel incredibly blessed to have invited to. But, it also an utterly exhausting and daunting education where you can’t ask for an extension if you haven’t prepared yourself. I’ve had a few friends ask if I’m going to be mummy blogger and although my initial reaction is “hell no”, I suppose it’s only natural for me to become one as after all I am a blogger who is becoming a mum.

So after months of procrastinating and all that rambling above (sorry) I’ve decided not to worry. I’ve decided that I’ve given myself an unfairly hard time for something that I should be rejoicing about. I’m just gonna blog about whatever strikes my fancy and if I get it wrong or insult anyone with my naivety then I sincerely apologise in advance. I’m not going to be a ‘mummy blogger’ I’m going to be a blogger who is pregnant and then (fingers crossed and all going to plan) a blogger who is a mummy.


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