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Do I love or do I hate?


Since moving to Dubai at the end of January, this has been the daily question I ask myself. It’s just glorious to  wake up to the sunshine every morning without the need to consider if I might need to pack an umbrella, a scarf and a tube of factor 30 in the same bag. On the other hand, as Autumn (my favourite season) draws closer its super odd to not start filling my wardrobe with new sweaters, but with bikinis and cute off the shoulder tops. I actually wore a sweater to work yesterday and although it looked super cute while getting ready, the looks I got on my walk to the metro were of utter disbelief and almost pity.

I want an Autumn where the leaves are falling from the trees and your new suede boots which you forgot the spray are being slowly destroyed by the daily drizzle. Autumn where you can get away with not shaving your armpits every day. Autumn where i am concerned that my new blow dry will be wasted by a shower of drizzle, rather than a thick fog of humidity.

Lately on Instagram

My (new) husband I moved out here to get a fresh start and to save a little money before eventually heading back to the UK to set down roots for our (very ) future family. Are we any closer to achieving this…(shakes head) Hell no! Dubai can be a great way to save money, but only if you can live as a hermit or plan your social life using Groupon/Entertainer. The lifestyle here is fun and flashy and everywhere you look is worthy of an epic Instagram picture . With beach clubs, exclusive yacht memberships, weekly launches to the hottest new bars , opportunities to go paddle boarding or surfing or hire a speedboat just for fun, it can make you feel like if you aren’t doing something then you aren’t living. On a side note, going to the movies is a damn site cheaper though.


I must admit I am feeling quite homesick at the moment. My husband is at home, in Edinburgh, right now en route to some meetings up in Speyside. He’s had the chance to see both our families and go to leaving/engagement/birthday parties that I would have just loved to have gone to. Dont get me wrong, life in Dubai is pretty sweet. We have built up a really nice network of friends, we both have family who have lived here for many years and we have our adorable little sausage.


I guess the grass is always greener.

What do you think of Dubai? Do you live here or have visited? Tell me what your experience was/is like in the comments section.  🙂  ❤


  1. I absolutely agree with you Joy! Autumn is also my favourite month back home and it kills me walking into Zara in MOE when the winter season is on display but actually beach weather is the only thing we can shop for and enjoy! It took me a good year to fully settle in I admit. Missing friends and family events was the hardest but eventually you accept and start to get on with making the most of your time here by having an end goal 🙂 Hang on in chick – Edinburgh will always be better but you are making new experiences for now!

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    • Hi sweetie,
      I know, im my own worst enemy sometimes! The thought of not being able to wear my sweaters is rubbish, but the thought of not being able to do a beach brunch in next month is equally rubbish! ❤


  2. wow i love your post! I am coming to Dubai in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to it! we are coming out to see our friend who lives there !! is there anything you think is an absolute must when there?

    Thankyou Bethan xx


    • Hiya Bethan,
      You must be so excited for your trip!! Luckily/Thankfully the temperature is starting to drop so you’ll have a great time. How long are you over for?
      I would definitely recommend visiting the gold souk, the spice souk, take a little boat down the creek and watch all the local men sail off on their dhows. People will always recommend doing the flashy side of dubai, but you get a better idea of where you visiting is you strip all the bling back.
      Im still trying to talk myself into taking the cable car along the creek – tiny box & 30 metres in air! Argh!


      • I am!!! yes thats what my friend advised coming after September so the temperature was a tad cooler. I know my friend has already booked some things but I want to go to the Souks! good luck with the cable car that sounds so fun!!:)

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