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Monday Musings

A friend sent me this quote a while back and it has always stuck in my head. Something in the words really made me sit back and look at my life and see how I treat myself. 


I want you to imagine a ten-year-old version of yourself sitting opposite from you right this minute got it?

Okay, now I want you to tell this little girl or boy that they mean absolutely nothing tell them they’re an embarrassment, that they’re worthless, that they’re useless.

Are you doing it? can you say it?

No, you can’t do it right?

Now realise that this is essentially what you do to yourself every single day.

What do you want to really say to this kid? that they’re worth it right?

That they’re incredible and they should never let anyone tell you otherwise. Say this new stuff to yourself replace the bad with the good.

Repeat it. Believe it. Understand it. 


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