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14 Zara Fall Must Haves

Sometimes when I feel a little homesick I visit Zara MOE. Now, that may sound a little strange and also a little sad. And yeah, I guess it does. There is, however, method behind the madness…..Zara, anywhere in the world, has the ability to make me feel like I’m back home in Edinburgh. The comforting dim lights and vast beautifully displayed rails of must-have items. It’s like going to McDonalds….you know to expect the same burger and fries whether you order it in the UK or in Singapore. Luckily I get less guilt after a stint in Zara…well mostly. :/

Scroll down for my favourite new arrivals this season. The perfect amount of gingham, knitwear, sexy, but subtle lace pieces and luxe leathers and suedes. I am craving the reversible leather jacket so much!!!





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  1. Charlotte Robson says

    This is fab joy! I too am a ZARA nut and like you can literally find it anywhere in the world! The one in palma Mallorca is heaven!!
    Good luck x

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