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My Top 10 Carry-on Essentials

My Top 10 Carry-on Essentials

The countdown to my big move has reached scary levels of closeness! This time in two days I’ll be on my way to Glasgow to get on a flight that will change my life forever!
Here I have combined a little list of what I will be traveling with. I like to be super organised when I travel so my travel bag has been planned out for about 3 days now. I just can’t do last minute packing!!!

-I am still in love with the Mulberry Bayswater my fiancé bought me last year, its the perfect bag for all occasions. I can fit everything into it including my laptop, charged and huge book. I also carry a little cross body to keep my passport and tickets in.

-My lips and skin tend to become really dry and chapped on a long flight so its important I keep them hydrated. I have been obsessed by Kiehls Mid night recovery concentrate for years now so its on my bedside table and travel bag at all times. EOS lip balms have had some bad press recently, but I have continued to lovingly apply mine 25+ times a day!

-Comfy scarf and socks are a must! I often get chilly on long flights and often the blankets they hand out are not quite long enough so I pack a pair of cosy socks and a big blanket scarf that doubles as a pillow.

-You’ll have seen on my Instagram that I wear a gold St Christophers ring…I bought it over Christmas in prep for my big Dubai move. I’m not super religious or superstitious, but I do believe in gold luck charms or anything that makes you feel safe.

-And finally…..macarons! Wonder little mid flight treat.


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