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Snoozy Mondays

Today will consist mostly of Greys Anatomy and practicing for my theory test on Thursday – keep your fingers crossed for me. Managing to get consistently high scores, but I’m finding the hazard test videos are proving to be my Everest. 
Friends have raved about how addictive this show is for years and I just passed it off as just a poor man’s ER, but how wrong could I be?! Mc Dreamy…..need I say more.
Here’s my week in photos…

Clockwise from top left:
1. Travel uniform…Comfy brown suede boots and my buttery soft Mulberry.
2. Jumper sparkles.
3.Lion cubs in a drawer. As you do. 
4. ❤
5. Wrist situation. My favourite Michael Kors watch and some gorgeous bangles from Sif Jacobs.

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