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The Great Cover-up

I always love this time of year! Edinburgh is never exactly toasty but I get excited when it’s time to bring out my snuggly woollen and fur coats. The colder months are not a time to get lazy with your outfits! If anything it shows off your personal style more.

Bring on the snow…I’m ready for you! 🙂

 I love the gold accents in this photos. Green and gold is such a great combination!


I love how sunglasses instantly make any winter outfit cooler (pun very much intended).


Ah, Miss Olsen…you will forever be a style inspiration for me (albeit your early 2000s style.)


Not sure if I am brave enough to rock green fur…or the platinum locks.


The look on the left is such a favourite of mine. I love the mix of the luxe fur coat and sloppy beanie hat. It’s a winner!

**I’ve been saving these photos for years so no idea who to give photo credits to. 

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