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Diamond in the Rough

Take a peak at the items I am lusting after this month.
1. Karen Millen…. need I saw more? Divine. 
2. Zara blows me away season after season with the knockout shoes they add to their collection.
3. Again, Zara. Most days I have a little giggle to my self after I get dressed…I look down and I notice every item of clothing I am wear is from there. These faux leather trousers are divine and very flattering.
4. Michael Kors, Skylar…. I am not usually one for bling on watches but the baguette crystal detail is very classy.
5. I have a love of rough cut stones at the moment. As a jeweller I work with highly polished, facetted stones everyday so i find rough stones so interesting. I think they are even more beautiful in their natural forms and shapes. 

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