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The Allisons are heading home

So that’s it. We’re off. Me, Pete, Andy and ‘she who is yet to be named’. After 15 months of desert-life we are moving back to the cobbled streets of Edinburgh.

The main reason for the move is so we can have our baby girl back in Scotland surrounded by both our families and friends. The idea of my parents or Pete’s parents not being there in the hours/days/weeks after the birth of our first child is so alien so we needed to go. Also, Pete’s job means he often travels for weeks at a time so I want my family and friends as close to us as possible.

But, for me, it’s been more than that. I’ve wanted to head home for a while.

Dubai is such a playground with so many cool opportunities, but I found it overwhelming and so isolating at times. When we got back from Edinburgh after our wedding last summer I didn’t know when I’d next be home and I found that such a struggle. I’m the kind of person who needs to have at least a vague idea of what is coming next. That might sound boring or controlling, but it’s what keeps me calm. I don’t need or want to control a situation, but I do need to be in control of myself. I suffer from anxiety so there are certain things I need to maintain my emotional balance. After two disagreeable jobs I found my confidence had been knocked pretty low, especially in a place like Dubai where social status is ranked so highly. Being pregnant (and having a few horrible health/baby scares along the way) has definitely amplified my desire to be back in Edinburgh with everyone I know and love, and those who love and understand me. 

Motherhood is going to be a rollercoaster and I want to be surrounded by the most awesome support system possible. 😍

We aren’t sure what the future holds (does anyone?), but what we are sure of is that Edinburgh is the best choice for us.

I will definitely miss Dubai. I’ll miss the wonderful friends we have met since being here and the winter months when it’s not blistering hot. I’ll miss knowing that I can wear my lovely suede heels without risking them being ruined in the rain. I’ll miss around the clock Burger King and MacDonalds home delivery. I’ll miss knowing that within an hours drive we can be amongst the most majestic sand dunes.

What I won’t miss is not being able to let Andy off the leash when we go for walks; Dubai is not exactly dog friendly. The lack of a decent postal system, cars honking the split second the light turns from red to green, the utter lack of a queuing system, clothes and beauty products being double the price, the very long and very hot 6-month summer when you can feel your skin sizzle and your makeup melt the minute you step outside. What I won’t miss is worrying about how much a hospital appointment is going to cost me when I’m in desperate pain or need assurance that baby is developing properly. I certainly will not miss the beef bacon…vile imposter.

I’m thrilled we gave Dubai a go; I’m proud of us.  I’m sure if we hadn’t fallen pregnant so soon our story would be different, but we’re heading home with a trunkful of memories, a solid marriage, a super awesome dog and a bubba on the way. I believe everyone should live somewhere completely different for at least a year to push themselves, sadly for me I just couldn’t get into the swing of Dubai. Who knows maybe in a few years once we’ve regained our bearings we’ll be ready to try somewhere new. For now, I am beyond excited to get home and really get ready for our baby girl arriving. I found out recently that two of my closest friends are pregnant so I can’t wait to celebrate with them. Having our first babies together is going to be a wonderful, beautiful thing. 

This time next week I will once more become an Edinburgh resident. 🙂



Due to the impending trip back to Edinburgh to have our little bambino I’ve listed a whole bunch of clothes and shoes on Shedd! I’m leaving at the end of the month so there is limited time to buy….😜

Shedd is a really cool mobile app here in Dubai (They have it is Aus too) which lets you buy and sell preloved fashion. So for those like me who have dresses and shoes that have only had one out in the world Shedd a great way to clear some space and make some cash at the same time. As Tegan Jones put it “Shedd is a fashion lover’s answer to Ebay” See her review of Shedd here!

I’ve never used the app before last so I’m really forward to finding out how successful my items are!  See below for a sneak peak of some of the items listed.

Check out what I’m selling on Shedd!

These gorgeous velvet Slip on that I posted about last year haven’t even been out of the box as they are the wrong size. My amazing sister in law saw the post and then bought me them for Christmas! I’m so gutted that my pregnant feet won’t fit them 😦

🐪 !!!Dubai readers!!! 🐪

Take a peek through my store and get in touch if you’d like to purchase my things! They are all in excellent quality! (My shoes are a mix of 37/38size …..I have one foot that is a 37.5 and the other is 38 so its always a bit of a gamble )

Check out what I’m selling on Shedd!

As always, thanks for reading!

Joy 💋💋

Pregnancy essentials at 27 weeks

Lemons Lemons Lemons… I just can not get enough of them at the moment. I start my day with a freshly squeezed lemon in a short glass of water to wake me up and flush out the nasties. It doesn’t always succeed to wake me up but I’ve noticed such a difference in my complexion.

Twinings English Breakfast Tea… Now, I know that I’m meant to lower my caffeine intake, but I do allow myself two cups of tea a day. I tried a caffeine tea a little while ago and it was super rough! There is something about this tea that makes me feel human and that I’m not so far from home. I’ve not had a coffee since November so I think I’m doing pretty well.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia… My brother in law bought me this beautiful perfume for Christmas this year and its crisp freshness is so uplifting.

L’Occitane Supple Skin Oil… I’ve been applying this religiously to my tummy since I was 13 weeks and so far I’ve managed to gain no stretch marks. I wish I could say the same for my boobs… Looks like my underboob flashing days are over…Bugger!

Body Brush… This has been an invaluable tool for the past month or so. Every evening I am overcome with itchy skin and the jumpiest legs and the only thing that calms it is a gold old scrub in the shower. All it takes is 5 minutes of gentle brushing before I start to feel myself again. I’m not sure why it happens, but it is highly frustrating and drives me nuts.  If any mummy to be readers experience this too and would like to shares tips on how they cope with it please leave me a comment.

GK Leave in Spray... After chopping my hair into a lob to make it more manageable I’m not finding it as easy to manage. Go figure. 🙂 I really enjoy this leave in treatment when left to soak in overnight.

Colgate Herbal… Although I was lucky enough to not experience any morning sickness during my first trimester, the sensitivity to taste and smell made it very tough to brush my teeth with regular minty toothpaste. An amazing colleague at work brought me in a tube of Colgate Herbal and it was life changing. I read somewhere that using too strong a minty toothpaste before bedtime can keep you awake longer.

St Tropez In Shower… Living in Dubai isn’t all day sunbathing like people think it’s gonna be. I haven’t actually sunbathed since October so my Scottish skin is hugely on the pale side. After too many fake tan disasters I much prefer gradual tanners so this St Tropez In Shower Gradual Tanner is a firm favourite. I use this every 2 days and love the subtle results.

L’Occitane Shower oil… I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT! As I shower at least three times a day due to my irritable skin I’m aware of it drying out and flaking. The almond oil smells and feels amazing on my skin.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser… My go to facewash for 5 years now. Cleanses my skin with no dry or tightness. Enough said. I only use this in the evening as I think washing your face every morning will strip too much oil from your face.

Clinique Moisture Surge… A lightweight gel turns to water on your skin and feels amazing. This was an airport purchase from my last trip home in January and I’ve decided I can’t survive without it.

The Cutest Crochet Booties

While I was at home in Edinburgh last month I helped my mother in law clear out her attic.  Maybe ‘helped’ is too much of a stretch…I stumbled upon some of the cutest baby clothes and was instantly distracted. Sadly a lot has been badly moth-eaten, but luckily I now have a little box of the cutest 70s and 80s baby clothes that I can’t wait to dress our little girl in. Pete and I are both the youngest of 4 children so have no issue in hand me downs. I think it’ll be super cute to see our little one in the tiny little terry toweling babygrows Pete used to wear.

One of my favourite, but saddest finds was the pram blanket that was crocheted by Pete’s grandmother. This blanket was used by all the kids, but has been so badly eaten that even with the most love and car it just wouldn’t survive another baby.

Sadly my crochet skills are slightly lacking, but when I came across Albetta on Not on The High Street I am now willing to give it another go.

Take a look at these beautiful baby booties and try not to fall in love.








20 Weeks – Half Way There


Saturday marked our official 20 week mark. I’m so excited to be at the half way mark, and even more so as we found out that we are having a… little girl!!

Knowing that our baby is a ‘she’ and no longer an ‘it’ is a wonderful feeling; I find myself talking to her before going to bed and when she’s feeling particularly active. I find myself watching my classic kids movies and wondering if she’ll be like some of my favourite characters. I am going to have so much fun when she’s older sharing my most loved books and movies with her!

Matilda, Sweet Valley, Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew Mysteries, Summer Dreams and Winter Love, The Famous Five…..

I know it sounds a little cheesy, but when we found out that we were having a girl I rushed to my favourite salon and asked for a super girly shellac manicure! I’m not a fan of the classic french manicure as it feels a bit dated and clique, but I love an alternative French and this time I went for a pastel pink/lilac.

This gorgeous CND shade is called Cake Pop.


The dilemma. 


The funny thing about blogging is that it’s often a tug of war between being too honest and not being honest enough.

The initial 2 months that I knew I was pregnant, but obviously couldn’t announce, were difficult as all I wanted to talk about was babies and my pregnancy – it was literally all I had in my head. But, when the the moment came and we had reached the glorious 12 week mark and I could yell it from the rooftops….Blank. My brain went blank.  I didn’t and still don’t really know how to blog and be pregnant. Do I talk about pregnancy or do I keep it private? This is my first so I know nothing of pregnancy so why should I act as though I can give others advice on what to feel or how to behave. I’m still figuring these things out for myself each and every day. Pregnancy and motherhood is a wonderful, beautiful membership that I feel incredibly blessed to have invited to. But, it also an utterly exhausting and daunting education where you can’t ask for an extension if you haven’t prepared yourself. I’ve had a few friends ask if I’m going to be mummy blogger and although my initial reaction is “hell no”, I suppose it’s only natural for me to become one as after all I am a blogger who is becoming a mum.

So after months of procrastinating and all that rambling above (sorry) I’ve decided not to worry. I’ve decided that I’ve given myself an unfairly hard time for something that I should be rejoicing about. I’m just gonna blog about whatever strikes my fancy and if I get it wrong or insult anyone with my naivety then I sincerely apologise in advance. I’m not going to be a ‘mummy blogger’ I’m going to be a blogger who is pregnant and then (fingers crossed and all going to plan) a blogger who is a mummy.


Cold-weather Beauty Essentials


I have been rather social media shy of these last few months so I thought a nice way of kicking it off again would be to give you an insight into my cold weather beauty essentials. Since our wedding in July, I’d not returned home to Scotland and it felt like such a long 6 months away. I had been getting a little homesick as I’m sure you’ll remember, and with our exciting baby news, I felt such a strong pull to get back here for a sense of normality, or rather, reality. I’ve been back in Edinburgh little over a week now and my skin definitely felt the shock between Dubai and here, luckily I had remembered to pack more than just warmer clothes.

Here are my 13 winter beauty essentials!



Original and still the best! This can even be used sparingly to calm down split ends. Vaseline



I slather myself in this every evening before bed and wake up with such soft skin. My pregnancy tummy can feel so tight and itchy, but this stops it in its tracks. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Body Butter



My favourite is Pink Shock for a quick pop of colour. Maybelline Baby Lips



This is so relaxing to use before bed. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish



This will brighten up the gloomiest day. English Pear and Freesia



This will make you want to eat your hands! Fact. Molton Brown



This makes even the most wind-blown makeup stay put! I’m obsessed. Rimmel



When it’s too chilly to wash your hair in the morning this will be your saviour. CoLab Dry Shampoo



My lips often get so chapped, but this really saves them. Aesop Lip Cream



When my hair’s feeling a tad heavy and lacklustre I add a teaspoon of this to any leave in conditioner, wash off after 20 minutes and I’m left with super shiny waves. Just remember to rinse out thoroughly so you don’t stink afterwards. Apple cider Vinegar



Use this after your cleanser for baby soft skin. Aveda Botanical Kinetics




This mask is heaven sent. Completely indulgent, but utterly worth it. Peter Thomas Roth




This has been my go to hair genie for as long as I can remember. My hair would go caveman without it. Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture





Velvet dreams

Can’t express how ecstatic I am that velvet has come back around, especially crushed velvet. On the lead up to our wedding, I was searching everywhere for a pair of salmon pink velvet heels to wear and I just kept coming up short…If only I had a time machine so I could snatch up a pair of these beauties and head back to 02/07/16! Luckily I found a pair of beautiful gold strappy heels which I fell in love with. The heels are slightly ruined from all the mud that day, but that’s a whole different story! 😁

Recently while outfit dreaming on Asos I came across the most stunning collection on velvet shoes that I just had to share with you! The Miki Velvet loafers are my favourite!

Tell me which ones are your in the comments section. 🙂




ASOS Sugar Baby – Click here to buy




ASOS Proven – Click here to buy




ASOS MIKI Velvet loafer – Click here to buy




ASOS Spice Heels – Click here to buy




ASOS Eagle Clear Heeled Boot – Click here to buy 




ASOS Rachelle – Click here to buy




ASOS – Miss Guided Crushed Velvet Wrap-around – Click here to buy

Top 6 Lightweight Grey Sweaters

Now that the temperature in Dubai has burnt off it’s finally possible for me to embrace some cosy knitwear. Lightweight knitwear. Light…. very light. Yes, I do still get looks from people wearing strappy sundresses, but I really don’t mind. Last week when I walked into Zara and Mango in Dubai Mall I realised I’d had enough. Looking at all the chunky knits, beautiful velvets, luxe suedes, buttery leathers and snuggly scarves I realised I had to find a way to incorporate some autumn into my wardrobe. So I did what I thought would be impossible…I bought a sweater. A beautiful pale grey sweater. Happy girl!

So I thought for my fellow ladies also suffering from knit withdrawal I would round up a few more entry-level sweaters to get you started. 🙂  (I’ve included a knit bodysuit as I think it’s super cute!)top6lightweightsweaters















H&M – My new baby! Click here to buy





Asos White Off-Shoulder – Click here to buy




H&M – Click here to buy




Asos- Whistles – Click here to buy




Zara Cashmere – Click here to buy






Asos Ribbed bodysuit – Click here to buy


Hope you love these knit ideas as much as I do 🙂 xx